"True Colors" Collection

On Colorphilia, every week I cover a different color-related topic, and usually create some small related art study.

In the last week of May, I will be publishing a newsletter about the phrase "true colors", from a Thomas Becon in 1551, who described how Satan "setteth forth him selfe in his true colours" to 1986 when Cyndi Lauper who reinterpreted and appropriated the term in a positive way to become an anthem for generations to follow.

In order to best understand it, I will explore the concept of "colors" and various metaphoric ways it can be understand. I'll also explore the concept of appropriation to flip on its head. And probably a lot more.

As such, I'm going to be creating a special limited collection of color-blocked glass/acrylic art in a custom-designed embedded lightbox, which will reveal, when the light is turned on, a much wider and more complex array of colors and hues. (They will be much larger, more precise and complex than the current existing paper and paperboard studies.)

To accompany the collection, Colorphilia will also release a limited edition art coffee table book on the expanded topic, with additional essays (both nonfiction and fiction) on the art of reinterpretation and metaphorically "repainting" the stories of people throughout history and myth whose stories have been generally told by others who wished to minimize or degrade the protagonist's identity. We will be commissioning a number of the essays and stories to expand the voices and the perspectives.

In order to be able to financially execute this undertaking, I'm looking for art patrons who will receive one of the 18 - 24"x 36" lightboxes from the collection, as well as a copy of the art book, and public recognition and gratitude on all of the media as one of the sponsoring patrons. Each of the lightboxes will be numbered and slightly different from each other, so each will be unique in its array of colors. Each spot will cost $8000, and the art will be delivered during the final week of May.

There is also one spot available for a larger, one of a kind, custom site-specific color-blocked glass/acrylic art installation, as well as role of the lead sponsorship, for $25,000. This individual will have the opportunity to write the introduction to to the book as well.

Any questions, advice or need for clarification? Interested in helping out a different way? Please email ezra@colorphilia.com.

Curious about color.

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